Works In Progress

(This is the working cover only, although I really like it. _)

Nerissa MacKay and the Secret of the Seventeen Scrolls, a YA paranormal novella by Lisa Shafer.

This book is on the second edit now.

The Chocolate Smuggler's Notebook, a YA steampunk novel by Lisa Shafer

This book is in the first draft stage.  This one is on hold for awhile.  I got totally stuck about 1/3 of the way through the first draft and had to stop.  I will tackle it again when I'm ready.

Oliver Laird is not what he seems.
True, he's the brilliant clockmaker's apprentice who invented the ClockOx and the Pulley Delivery System.  And, yes, he is that very same young man whom Brother Lyle Carter Oswald himself asked to see.  And certainly he's the lad who clandestinely meets with that gypsy rascal, London Sunday, to smuggle the cocoa powder in for the ladies of the town.  The boy who saved handsome James Whittaker's reputation after that graveyard incident.  The one who travels with Doctor Ephraim Paine.  The chap who studies languages with Bertie Haven.  Yes, that fellow.
Except that Oliver is really Olivia.
And it's getting harder and harder to hide that fact.  Especially around all those handsome men.  Especially when she suddenly has more power than any of them.
Especially when her life might be the cost.