Friday, October 21, 2011

Upcoming Reviews And Publicity Spots

Yes, indeed, I've been out peddling my book, and four wonderful bloggers (so far) have agreed to do posts on me.

Confessions Of An Average Half-Vampire will appear on Indie Books Blog on October 31.  (Vampires  on Halloween -- how appropriate!)

Surrounded by Book Reviews is featuring me twice (!): the book review on the 26th and an interview on the 28th.

The Flashlight Reader is hoping to get a review up for me by the end of November.

And Holly Hook at Bargain ebooks currently has me scheduled for review number 415 (she's at #353 as I type this).

In the meantime, go check out the other cool books on their blogs -- and sign up to follow them!


  1. Hi there, just come across this blog. I'll buy a copy from Amazon and review it for Hub Magazine. They're irregular with their publishing schedule at the moment and I have no idea when the review will go out, so there are no guarantees it'll get published this side of Christmas.

    I am a regular reviewer for them so it should get more attention than normal.

  2. Yes, the intended audience is 12-13-year-olds, especially boys.

  3. Great. I'll read it to my 11 year old tonight as well, see what he makes of it.

    I'm enjoying it so far and the half-vampire is a good character, so congratualtions on that.

    One thing you might want to look at is the formatting. For instance, at location 631, there seems to be a sentence over two lines, the one mentioning Camelot. (Please don't take this as criticism, I just thought you may want to know.)

    Judging by what I've read so far, you're going to get a positive review from me (I'm up to chapter 4).

  4. Yes, thank you. I thought I had all those fixed, but they just keep cropping up. (Sigh). I do intend to take Half-Vamp down one day next week and post yet another updated format again. Sorry you've got the imperfect one. I hope there aren't so many that it ruins the tale. But I appreciate your pointing them out to me.

  5. It doesn't ruin it at all. I've noticed a couple more, but nothing book destroying. It's just that I'd rather not have to mention it in a review. There was one book I reviewed that had been self-published in print, where the first three chapters were about 20 pages each and the fourth chapter took up the rest of a 300 page book.

    At least with ebooks you get the chance to correct these things easily.

    Did you know you can get a kindle previewer from Amazon so you can check the book beforehand? You can also get a kindle reader for pc/mac etc for free, which could be sueful for some people who don't want to buy a kindle but don't mind reading on a laptop or an iPad.

  6. Yes, I have the previewer.
    The problem is that the original story was typed long before Pages was created, and, because I never then thought I'd be self-publishing or formatting, all the problems occurred when the work was transferred over to a new format with different line breaks.
    I have been working on it for weeks now, but there are still problems. Really, I am going to fix it one more time-- I hope the LAST time.
    Feel free to mention in the review that the author still plans one more revision, as the work needs formatting touch up. That's the truth.
    I'm just glad you're willing to review the book. Perhaps by the time you send in the review, you can say that you've had contact with the author and she's fixed the errors you found. I hope that will be the case.

  7. I use Openoffice to type it up and then save it as an HTML file before conversion using MobiPocket. Tends not to lose any formatting that way.

    p.s. What's Pages?

    p.p.s I've started chapter 8. It's been a while since I've read a book that's kept me as interested as this one.

  8. I have a Mac. You obviously don't. That's okay; I'll forgive you. ;)

    I'm glad you're enjoying the book in spite of my formatting problems. Thanks so much. :)

  9. This is a great read. I'm glad I stumbled on your blog.