Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Up With The Half-Vampire

Over the weekend, when I wasn't grading tests, I finished the formatting for the POD of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  I also wrote up the AR test for it so our librarian can use the book for school contests (The AR test is available for other teachers, too.  Just click the "For Teachers" tab I added, and you'll see what to do if you want a quiz on the book.)
I also fixed up all the pics and chose the music for a book trailer.  Today, our librarian told me he could easily match up the music and the photos, and we'll get one of the drama students (I have a couple in mind) to do the voice overs.  So that's done.  (I promise I'll get it up on this blog as soon as it's handed over to me and I figure out how to post a video on the blog!)
I even began formatting All in the Half-Vampire Family so that I can (I hope) release it sometime early in 2012.
What's next?  Well, I'm just waiting for Max to have a chance to finish adjusting the sizes on the POD cover for me (of the first book, not the second), and then I can submit my PDFs for the POD.  Very soon, I hope to have real paperbacks available.  (I haven't heard back from Max yet, so I suspect he was off camping this weekend.  :) )


  1. Ooh ooh ooh. Sounds like you're having as much fun publishing as I am.

    My 11 year old is loving the book by the way.

  2. Oh good. I'm glad. He's just about the right age for it.