Monday, May 27, 2013

Yet Another Reason Why You Should Fact Check

So, according to this

I should ignore the 600 years of documented family history that I have on file.
You see, I can trace my Germanic roots back 600 years and my Celtic roots back 400 years, and it's very likely that I could have some Roman ancestry mixed in there somewhere that I just haven't gone back far enough to find yet.  However, based on the shape of my foot and this chart, I'm a mix of Egyptian and Greek.
Of course, also based on this chart, Asia and 90% of Africa don't exist.  And, if we assume that Polynesians and South Americans with native heritage are genetically Asian, that rules out a LOT of people.  Like, two full continents of people.
The chart also assumes that Slavs = Germanic, which is true linguistically, but I'm not sure about genetics.

Also, based on this chart, only people of Roman descent make good ballet dancers.


  1. Hmmmmm, I had no idea that my main ancestry is actually Egyptian. I always felt that I was Cleopatra's great-great-...-great grandson, but never knew why. Now I know. I finally feel whole.

    1. Yeah, because ROSSI is such an Egyptian-sounding name.....

  2. I cannot get more Egyptian than that