Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Greek Fountain Dance

Several days ago, this post made some of you quite curious as to what the heck I meant by posting that I'd been wearing a toga and spitting water on my colleagues, so I thought I'd give you photos to help you understand.
Last week was our annual teacher talent show.  True, a few of the teachers actually display REAL talent, like those teachers who play the guitar well, for example.  But most kids don't really want to see the teachers do something serious well; they want entertainment.  So most of us do funny skits -- and the kids love it.
One year, I got a male teacher to dress up as Tiny Tim and lip synch "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" while faking the use of my ukelele while a few of us female teachers did a very silly dance with plastic tulips.  Another year, the librarian helped me make a video parody of "Friday" using teachers to act out the horrendous video.
This year, I was going to do a take on Steve Martin's famous "King Tut" skit, but only 4 of us volunteered, and then the drama teacher begged me to drop it so she could have my people for The Fountain Dance.  I agreed.
So, there were six of us, walking slowly out onto the stage to Enya's "Only Time," and wearing very serious expressions.  We were carrying plastic water carafes.
We went through several serious-looking poses, then solemnly held our water up to the gods-- and took a mouthful.  The next series of poses, we all did as "fountains," spitting the water all over each other.

The fourth of this pose-and-spit series was where we all imitated a Rainbird sprinkler system.
The kids received all this even better than expected -- especially in the first assembly, where they shrieked with laughter.
Then we picked up our water and moved solemnly to the audience.  At this point, in first assembly, there were howls, and kids in the front rows got up and ran to the aisles.  The kids of second assembly were more resigned to their damp fates and merely attempted the duck-and-cover method of escape.

Overall, ours was probably the favorite act of the whole assembly--- except among the members of stage crew, who had to do the mopping.

(The photos were taken with my camera by the school's yearbook editor.  I did the cropping, etc.)

UPDATE:  Wait!  There's more!  Now with VIDEO!


  1. So which one is you in the pic? The one on the left is a bloke, I think.

    I'm glad the kids enjoyed the show because it's fun to see teachers send themselves up. The audience should be glad it was only water. I was in a drama show at school which ended in a big cream pie throwing contest. A couple of the audience got pelted as well!

    1. Yes, the fellow spitting is indeed a guy. I was to the left of him, but I cropped myself out of the pic.

      I don't think our custodians would've appreciated us much for doing pies!