Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Of The Perks Of Working With The School Drama Department For Years

So, I was buying a birthday gift for my aunt in Bath and Body Works last Saturday (Note: this store is a vortex of temptation for me.  Only a bookstore is worse.), and the clerk who rang me up was telling me about her family's Halloween costumes.

Her: But then my three-year-old daughter wants to be a tiger!  A tiger!
Me: *nods*  *wonders why this is a problem*
Her: How am I supposed to find a tiger costume?!!
Me: *with literally a one-second time lag* Face paint.  Orange sweatshirt.  Black electrical tape in stripes. *motions across body in diagonals toward chest*
Her: *gasps*  That's --- That's awesome!  How did you think of that so fast?!
Me: Schoolteacher.  *smirks*
Her: *grabs notepaper to write this down*
Me: *waves, walking away*

Thus I preserved the mystique.  :)