Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Book Blurb For Nerissa MacKay

I've very nearly got The (Dis)Appearance of Nerissa MacKay ready for beta readers (although they're really more like gamma readers, it's so early on).  In order to hook the kids' interest, I've finally written up a hook for the book:

Nerissa MacKay isn’t just anybody.  She’s fairly positive that a major role in the school play will prove that point -- and maybe attract the hormones of some of the boys who have ignored her for far too long.
But Nerissa’s dressing with a different theme every day for one solid year hasn’t yet convinced the drama teacher of her creativity, and Nerissa gets desperate during the last week of tryouts.  Then, when the local mean girls' clique starts bragging about being visited by a ghost, Nerissa has had all she can take of their upstaging her.
Determined to pull the town's attention toward her and to Aunt Jane's Haunted Zoo, Nerissa plans to find this "ghost" --- right after she does her biology homework.
But the research for biology class leads her to her great-great-great grandmother's commonplace book, which contains several uncommon recipes.

Ghosts, witchcraft, cliques, boys, her mother, homework, and saving the Haunted Zoo -- Nerissa's in way over her head.  Even if no one can see her...

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