Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pulp-O-Mizer

I really wish I hadn't discovered the pulp-o-mizer website the weekend of midterms.

You can create your own tacky magazine covers for retro sci-fi stuff.  And you can have them printed up on notebooks and mugs and such.  And they have their own retropolis brand of hilarious sci-fi items for your shopping pleasure.
Oh my.
This was responsible for at least 15 tests that didn't get graded yesterday.
And yeah, I made and ordered my own notebook (with the above cover) -- because I am a sucker for spiffy notebooks and making my own was just tooooooo tempting.
*hangs head in shame*  *goes off to grade more papers*


  1. Oh, thanks. Now I have something to gobble up some time too. Well, off to this new-found site...

    1. See ya in a few hours, Max! *grins evilly*