Monday, November 10, 2014

All In A Day's Randomness

We teachers like to help each other out, sharing lesson plans, books, whatever.  And because we constantly juggle with way too many balls in the air at any given time, sometimes we send out e-mails for help.  I have, for example, been able to fill an art teacher's need for a couple of dozen empty, clean yogurt and/or cottage cheese containers by the next day -- since my father is an artist and since I do a lot of crafts and it is just our habit to clean and save all such containers.
Today, however, all of us on the listserv got two e-mails requesting items that were even more random than usual.
From the counseling office:

(Yes, some teachers do own their old caps and gowns, but not too many teachers happen to keep theirs at school.)

And from a math teacher:

(Femurs.  Okey-dokey.  I'll see what I can do.  Hmmm..... maybe the neighbors' dogs.... *grins evilly*)
(PS.  Yes, at least two of us English teachers are geeky enough to know that he misquoted Hamlet in his first sentence.)

Yup.  I bet all you folks who work in offices never get e-mails like these. :D


  1. I really like the femur request. Especially since it was from a Math teacher, I'm trying to figure out which part of algebra that would be good for? Hmmm, ratios? Would there be an inter-species ratio between the length of a femur and height (head to toe)? I don't know. But I'm curious - hint, hint - would love to know.

    1. I actually don't know. I think it may be for his science exploratory class, but he usually does geology for that.
      Today was a bit off, of course. And no teacher was in the mood for chit-chat after that lengthy lockdown. But I'll try to remember to ask him the next time I see him.