Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eye-Roll Worthy Proof Reading Neglect

Social media is always problematic for English teachers; we spend half our time cringing at spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.  But sometimes these errors are so bad they become funny.
A few moments ago I found a pin on a Pinterest book  board which bemoaned the fact that Tris (the protagonist) dies at the end of the Divergent series.  (Note: I read Divergent, thought it glorified violence too much for my tastes, and ignored the other two books in the trilogy.)
Here's what this lady had to say about the part where Tris dies:

I cried when this happened in the book. Like historically cried.

Um... The book is a dystopia, not historical fiction.  And, unless you can time travel, you didn't cry "historically" either.  Actually, you probably didn't even cry "hysterically," but at least that's an appropriate hyperbole.

*rolls eyes*

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