Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pieces of a Day in April

So, today was our first day back at school after Spring Break.
Very soon after the first bell, the teacher in charge of assembly planning sent out an e-mail about Spirit Week next week.  Then she sent another correcting the first.  And then a third correcting the second.  Clearly, her week was going like mine was.
The problem was on which day to have "Twin Day" in which students were supposed to plan to dress exactly like one of their friends.  Finally, it ended up being Twin Thursday.
A bit later, one of the newest additions to our faculty sent out this e-mail:

Subject: Re: Proposed Spirit Week Themes

Random "new" teacher idea.
Let's freak the kids out on that Twin Thursday.

Everyone in the whole staff wear blue denim jeans and a red t-shirt. We will all be twins and they'll flip.
Don't tell them; just see if they notice.

Come on! It's SPIRIT WEEK!  :)

Several of us e-mailed back verifying we'd join in.  Then it hit me: RED shirts.

I sent out this e-mail:

What if this is like Star Trek, and all of us wearing red shirts will be zapped off before the end of the episode?!  Is this a secret plot?

Several humorous responses flew in, but this was my favorite:

Subject: RE: Proposed Spirit Week Themes

It must have been "shirt day" today, for, in my next class, a kid walked in wearing this awesome thing:

I laughed -- then made him hold still while I snapped the shot with my iPad.  :)

The next "moment" came near the end of the day.  With 3 minutes left in class, we'd finished, and I'd given the kids free time.  As usual, many of them crowded near the door (which annoys me).
When I noticed one of them had inched the door open, I called out, "Hey, [name deleted], leave the door closed until the bell rings!"
Immediately, his friend turned toward me and called out, "He needs the door open; he's farting."
The first kid, presumably embarrassed, snapped at him, "You're not supposed to tell her that!"
So the friend turned back to me and called out just as loudly, "My bad.  I mean; he's NOT farting."
Fortunately, the bell rang just then, so I didn't have to comment on the situation.

A few minutes after the halls had cleared, I was on my way to the copy room to get some test essay rubrics ready for Friday.  As I passed the office, Mr. O., a social studies teacher, held the door open for me.
"Hey, thanks," I said.  "How are you?"
"Great!" he replied. "It's already Wednesday!"
"Even better; Wednesday's OVER!"
"You're right," he said.  "It's Thursday Eve!"

And on that note, for this Thursday Eve, I leave you -- with a smile. :)


  1. Gosh, I'm not even going to be there, but I'm excited how this day (Thursday) went. I hope you share, and I really and truly hope the entire staff, teachers and even the janitors wore blue denim jeans and a red t-shirt! How fun!

  2. It hasn't happened yet. It's NEXT Thursday! :)

  3. Sounds like fun, and I love the red shirt reference. Have fun with it!

  4. Sounds like lots of fun - how did it go?

    1. It hasn't happened yet. It's this coming Thursday.