Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Writing Prompt Photo: Thistle House

Last weekend was Fall Break and I traveled south to Cedar City to the Fall Shakespeare Festival by a different route than usual.
One of the small towns I passed through is now a ghost town, destroyed by the Thistle Dam break and mudslide of 1983.  This house sits near the highway, still half-submerged in a scummy pond.  If ever you needed an image of a "haunted house," this one is sad enough to fill that requirement.
Ignore the reality and create the backstory, my writer friends. :)

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)


  1. This is such a cool house. I love when you end up finding something you weren't really looking for. Utah is full of hidden surprises. I went up to Sundance a few weeks ago, and I felt the inspiration to write overflow throughout me. Maybe it's because Robert Redford is such a story teller. Beautiful picture!

  2. Yes, Redford is a very talented man. I agree.
    Thanks for dropping by, Jess. :)