Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Need A Pack Mule

Things load into the car for school tomorrow:
1) new can of Aqua Net
2) a cheap prop rapier and bastard sword
3) a bag of Smarties
4) my brother's vintage 1978 ski bibs and parka
5) a stuffed rat hand puppet and an over-sized stuffed flea
6) a five-foot tall teddy bear
Oh, and well, you know, lunch, a water bottle, my gradebook -- the usual.

Really, all this makes sense if you spend much time in a junior high school.  I promise.


  1. Just another day in the life, huh?

  2. None of that surprises me. Did you buckle the teddy bear into the passenger seat?

  3. That's teaching - at least we never get bored! :)