Friday, June 20, 2014

Solstice Giveaway! Win an E-copy of Becoming Brigid!

To be honest, folks, I haven't gotten enough reviews on this book.  And I don't really know why, as it's a better book than my half-vampire books.
Thus, in order to get some new reviews (and boost sales!), I'm going to do a few more giveaways this summer.
Let me see if I can hook your interest here.  Would you like to meet the characters?  Here, I'll introduce you.

Pepper Kircy:  She thinks she's got her life all figured out.  But the problem is that she's not at all who she thinks she is.  Not. Even. Close.

Dougal: That's just one of his names.  He's been around for a while -- like, centuries.  He's spent the last 16 years looking for a lost goddess, and he thinks Pepper might just be the right girl.  In order to be sure, however, Dougal's going to have to try to kill her.  Repeatedly.  This makes her life rather interesting. ;)
Dougal's also quite the attractive guy.  Here's what one reviewer had to say about him:

"A couple of my female students read this book about the same time I did; they really loved it and found themselves absolutely ga-ga over the sexy yet morally ambiguous character Dougal, who is equally endearing and infuriating. I can see their point."

DC Skethaway: "Death Child."  It's not his real name, of course.  But his dad owns a funeral home, and his nickname fits him better than his real name does.  In fact, Pepper's even forgotten DC's real name, which just happens to be the same as the name of a man who accidentally has caused her a lot of problems.  Problems like slavery.

Zane:  He's new in school.  He's got a good part in a movie.  He's hot.  And, unfortunately, he also wants to change Pepper into something she's not.
But Zane is right about one thing:  Dougal is dangerous.  Very, very dangerous.  And if Pepper doesn't keep away from him, everything in her world could be at stake.

Curious?  You can read a sample for free at Amazon.  Just click here.
I've tried over and over to upload the book trailer onto blogger, but it just won't let me!  Here's a link to see the book trailer here.

OK, have I convinced you to read it?  I hope so.
Solstice is a great time for a giveaway for this book, but you'll have to read it to find out why!  :)
So, without further ado, let's have a giveaway!
The prize is one e-copy of Becoming Brigid.

Starting now, I will accept entries.  You have until 12:00 AM MDT on June 23 to enter.  By entering, you agree that:
1) you are 13+ years of age.
2) you have an Amazon account so I can gift you the e-book.  You also agree to provide me with the e-mail address associated with this account (so I can gift you the book).
3) you agree that, if you like the book, you will post a review of it on Amazon (and feel free to post a review of it on goodreads and/or your blog as well!).
4) you agree that, if you don't like the book, you will at least comment or tweet me to tell me that it's just not your thing so that I don't think you just took the prize and didn't hold up your end of the agreement.
5) you agree to do either #3 or #4 by September 1, 2014 (as the whole point of this giveaway from my POV is to get reviews!).

I agree:
1) that I will not share any of your contact details with anyone.
2) that I will gift you an e-copy of Becoming Brigid ASAP once you have been declared the winner and have provided me with the appropriate e-mail address.
3) that I will enter your name into my upcoming swag giveaway for further prizes.

To enter:
Leave a comment on this post (make sure to tell me either your e-mail address, your blog URL, or your twitter address so I can contact you if you win) or simply tweet or DM me your entry.  On Twitter, I'm @lisamshafer.  Just click here.
There's no fancy question, you just need to tell me you want to enter.  That's it!

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