Saturday, June 21, 2014

Something's Not Right Here

So, I just got a breaking news tweet from CNN that the Pope has excommunicated Italian Mafia members, presumably for organized crime, drugs, and probably murder.

This week, Utah news has even spread across the US, as the LDS Church prepares to excommunicate Kate Kelly (of and John Dehlin (of Mormon Stories) for.... uh, presumably because of feminism (OW has repeatedly asked LDS authorities to consider asking God for revelation on women's ordination) and gay rights (Dehlin has been outspokenly in favor of gay marriage), while Cliven Bundy, who led an armed insurrection against government forces, is, apparently, still considered a member in good standing (He is reportedly LDS.).

So, the Catholic church is ousting criminals and the LDS church is punishing ... uh, people who want equality?
Wow.  Just wow.


  1. Well, duh! I mean, mafia only kills people who get in their way. Feminism and Same-Sex Marriage is gonna kill 'Murica and the God ordained 'Murican way of life.