Saturday, August 27, 2011

Almost There......

Today, my good buddy Max and I spent close to 6 hours trying to e-publish Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  We learned several things in the process:
1) Even though the Kindle publishing guidebook available from Amazon says that putting your document in html form is the best, it's not.  If you do this and upload it, the preview will show you html form.  No one wants to read a book in html.  Trust me.  (Max and I wasted nearly 3 hours in fixing up the html ms before we learned that it was pointless.)

2) Just use Word.  It's faster.
3) After 4 hours of working with a document, apathy sets in.  This is a good time to take a break.
(Max and I chose Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon.  I highly recommend the portobello mushroom sandwich. Superb.)
4) Apathy sets in faster when the sweat is literally running down your face and chest.  (We're experiencing a nasty heatwave in the valley this week.  When I went to get in my car upon leaving Max's house, the car temp read 121 F.  Yeah.  That was the external temp on my car, facing west into the setting sun, with a reflective sun screen in place.  The outdoor temperature was actually 95 F., but my car was even toastier.....  Ugh.)
5) Amazon has no obvious method listed for setting the price at "free."
I really want to have my prologue available for free, and Max and I got the whole thing set up, but the site won't let us charge less than 99¢.  I've e-mailed Amazon to find out what to do, but they have not yet responded.
6) Kitties get jealous when you spend too much time talking to a computer and not enough time with them.

So, as things stand, the full-length text of Half-Vampire is being reviewed for publication by Amazon and should be available for purchase in about 2 days.  (The price is set at 99¢.)  The prologue is in draft form at Amazon, awaiting a reply from their higher ups.  And Max and I think we might just be able to face another stint at self-publishing in 2 weeks to try Create Space and make a POD of Half-Vampire so it'll be available in paperback.  (Neither one of us could stand to try it today.)


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your comments on my posts - looks like you and Max had fun, in spite of the heat...

    Good luck with your publishing!

  2. Thanks, Alexia.
    We did have fun PART of the time..... when we weren't thinking up curses to hurl at the programs.

  3. Man that's one cute cat! I didn't have the energy (mental, not physical) to do my own post on today, decided to put it off until tomorrow. And I think I'll be ready to do the POD in a couple weeks. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully.