Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look! My First-Ever Book Review!

Yesterday, tempppo posted this comment:

The following is a comment from Mylorac:
"Great job with the book! It kept me up until 6 this morning. :) I want to know how successful it is, and I'll certainly be encouraging my friends (and various teenagers of my acquaintance) to spend the buck and read it."

Although I suspect this might be from her husband, I'm not quite sure.  Nevertheless, it IS my very first book review.
I feel so valid now.  :)

Feel free to keep posting positive reviews, folks.  Put 'em on amazon, too!


  1. Way cool. congrats once again!

  2. Yeah! I just bought your book...and after reading the first three pages decided I better stop as I have to go to work today :) Congrats!

  3. It was from my sister -- she has a dream of writing her own novel, and you're her hero!

  4. Your sister. Well, that narrows it down to just 7 people then. Helpful.
    Let's see; it's not sister #1 because she barely knows me. Nor is it the sister who falls into place as child #9 in the family, for the same reason. Baby Sis and Sister One Older Than You know me best, and Baby Sis has fewer children and therefore more time than SOOTY (great acronym, eh?), so I'm guessing she's the one. Am I right?

  5. It is a baby sis, but not the baby. She was working as a teacher, but decided to go full time on finishing her graduate work. And if that doesn't help you, then another look at her screen name should. (I'll give you a hint -- the first letter should be "C".)

  6. Oh, THAT sister!
    (I didn't need the initial once you said "teacher.")
    Glad to know what she's doing these days. Please thank her for the review. (Would she consider putting it up on Amazon? It'd be nice to have some reviews there.)

  7. congrats! keep 'em coming, those positive reviews!