Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Even Dali Could've Dreamed This Up

So today I drove to a nearby town about 30 miles away to visit my aunt for the afternoon.  As I usually do on long drives where I go out of range for my favorite radio stations, I took my iPod and hooked it up to the car's stereo system.
Upon my arrival at my aunt's house, I was literally greeted at the door with her get-well gift to me: a 53" teddy bear.
I laughed like I hadn't laughed all through this stupid summer of illness.
I'm a sucker for stuffed animals anyway, but this was hilarious.
And after my visit, I had to get the thing home.  But I have a small car.  There was no way in heck this bear would fit in the trunk.
Yeah, I seat-belted into the passenger seat.
You want surreal?  Just imagine driving the highways, listening to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" with a giant bear strapped into the passenger seat next to you.  That'll flip your brain into knots.
The only more amusing moment was when I exited the freeway to go home and passed a group of construction workers.  One big, burly guy happened to make eye contact with me while I was belting out "Somebody To Love" -- with a big bear next to me.
The guy probably will have to take a sedative tonight.