Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things I Don't Understand About Blogging And Twitter

How did someone end up at my blog this week after searching for "books in the library"?
Why do my newest Twitter followers include a site for scotch drinkers (I don't drink), SLC Golf (I'm athletically retarded), and a self-described restauranteur/astrologist?  Do these people actually think I have anything in common with them?  Why would I follow back if we share absolutely NO interests?
And why has an autism activist been following me for months?
Oh, and on Pinterest, I got an invite to join a board on pet protection.  What the heck?  Like I'm going to join a society that encourages people to get more dogs -- yeah, right.  *eye roll*
My favorite what-the-heck Twitter follower, however, has been following me for weeks.  It's this one:

Latest crop circles videos, photos and news!

*shakes head in wonderment*


  1. Ha! Ha! I'm still laughing....I'm still wondering why some people follow me. I've noticed though if you don't follow back within a few days they drop off. Although Crop circles sounds least it's better than the rated x stuff....with Pinterest I notice that we pick others up quickly from our own pinning, and those they pin's a continuing adventure into who knows where!

  2. Of course I was speaking about twitter, not blogger, for not really understanding why they follow me.

  3. So, I'll stop following you. I thought you liked crop circles.

    I think Karen had the key - the follow you so that you will follow them and increase their numbers. Then when the see you have no intention of helping inflate their "followers" number, they drop you.

    It's all a popularity contest for some. "Neener, neener, I gots more followers than you!"

    I'd rather have the half-dozen or so followers that I can actually kind of get to know (blogospherically, that is) than 7,000 that don't visit my blog.

    1. Oh, yes, I'm sure that's it. But it still makes much more sense that I have tons of unknown writers and book bloggers who are following me in hopes I'll follow them. At least we have books in common. But the golf one? Or Scotch? Honestly, the crop circles one appeals to me more than either of those. Oh well.