Thursday, February 20, 2014

Becoming Brigid Gets Another 5-Star Review!

I'd begun to think I'd never get another review; the pickings have been rather slim lately.  But this week brought me this lovely review of Becoming Brigid.

Becoming Brigid is an intriguing and original novel that blends contemporary adolescent experiences with fascinating Celtic mythology. It is fast-paced and well-plotted, with a storyline that encompasses everything from feeling insecure, enduring babysitting-gone-wrong, and being stuck with a jerk for a date … to hopping through portals, magically healing people and being attracted to a mysterious guy who seems bent on murder.

I think the author did an excellent job including unique, vivid details in the descriptions. It’s never boring! This book also does a particularly nice job with dialogue that beautifully captures authentic-sounding voices. The main character, Pepper/Brigid, is plausible and likeable, with a strong personality that nicely increases in self-confidence and empowerment (which is one of the reasons I think this is an excellent read for adolescent girls).

A couple of my female students read this book about the same time I did; they really loved it and found themselves absolutely ga-ga over the sexy yet morally ambiguous character Dougal, who is equally endearing and infuriating. I can see their point. However, my favorite character turned out to be the neighbor kid DC (“Death Child”), the son of a funeral director, whose family’s past links inextricably into the mythological plot line. He makes a fun and unusual confidant for the main character.

I also thought that the main villain was cleverly constructed. He’s a self-righteous, judgmental teen who is blinded by his holier-than-thou attitude. Unusual and effective motive for villainy. His come-uppance is particularly satisfying!

In my second time reading this book, I still found myself slightly disappointed there wasn’t more closure between the main character and her father … but that’s a small detraction in an otherwise fabulously polished plotline.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Becoming Brigid” and recommend it highly. It has a great deal to offer its readers, both in interesting and inspiring content as well as in skillful, witty and engaging writing.

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