Sunday, February 2, 2014

Concept: The Illustrated Half-Vampire

So, awhile ago, I got this idea of putting together both of my Half-Vampire books and selling them as a set in e-book form.  I got the text ready, but I've been fiddling with the cover.  Nothing has really made me happy.  Thus, I haven't actually published the "boxed" set yet.
Then, this weekend, I had this brilliant idea.  Why not add photos?  I have tons that I've taken for research purposes while writing the two books.
So, this weekend, have I cleaned the house thoroughly like I should have done?  Well, I picked things up and did some laundry.  (Please don't look at the dust bunnies in the corners.)  Have I graded the tests I brought home?  Uh, nope.
Instead, I have worked on placing photos into the texts of my Half-Vampire books.  But, of course, now I realize there are many more photos that could be put in, but they're not yet in digital format, as I took them before I bought my first digital camera.  Thus, I think I'll be digging through scrapbooks soon and picking out more photos.  (Or do I just take PILES of pics to Inkley's and get them to digitize the whole thing?  Won't I want all those photos from my year of living in Scotland digitized anyway????  Wow.  Big, big, BIG project on the horizon.)
At any rate, while I'm taking a break from writing the first draft of The Chocolate Smuggler's Notebook, I suppose this is a good thing to be doing.  I hope it'll spark renewed interest in the books.

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