Monday, February 24, 2014

What Happens When You DON'T Pay Attention In 7th Grade

I found a fantasy-art pin with a horrid caption on Pinterest.  I repinned it with the following caption.  Soon afterward, I got a comment on the pin and the caption.  And, well, you can read it for yourself.
Lisa Shafer • 20 weeks ago

(Tell me, please, that a 7th-grader wrote the following caption to this pin. I'm definitely going to use it as a proofreading assignment with my students.) 

Fairies are very kind and powerful creatures with magic they never come with people cause their are afraid of people cause they distroy their home.The forest.

  • Eileen Hammerstrom
    [name deleted] • 1 day ago
    Grammer correction: ...cause they are afraid...not their are.

  • Lisa Shafer
    Lisa Shafer • 1 day ago
    "Grammer correction: ...cause they are afraid...not their are." 
    Please tell me you're being ironic in this comment. *eyes water from tears of suppressed laughter* :)

  • Eileen Hammerstrom
    [name deleted] • 1 hour ago
    Vinnie Barbarino's "What?" to you.

  • Lisa Shafer
    Lisa Shafer • just now
    @ [name deleted] "Vinnie Barbarino's 'What?' to you." 
    Response: Verbal irony here would be the unexpected situation in which the "correction" contained two errors as bad as those in the original, mangled sentence. It's hilarious. But I wasn't sure whether or not it was intentional. Now, it appears that the irony was not intentional.


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