Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going Vintage

Monday was Presidents' Day, and I should have been grading essays.  But instead I went nuts making "vintage" images for new products on my zazzle Shafer ArtWorks store.

Isn't this one gorgeous?
My sister-in-law refers us as The Shafer Museum.  We seem to have everything odd we might need at sometime.
Seriously, to get ready for this photo shoot, I walked from room-to-room in the house, grabbing scrapbook paper, Tim Holz gears and clock faces, public domain photos (that's Evelyn Nesbit in the above photo, the girl who beat Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball by a century when she swung about in the nude on a velvet swing), Victorian valentine reproductions, vintage jewelry, antique books, dip pens and ink (with extra nibs), lace, ribbon, a silk rose, a decorative plate, antique buttons, antique marbles, dried lavender blossoms, and my Cannon point-and-shoot.
My photo studio was the landing on the stairs where the light was good.
For about 30 minutes, I positioned and repositioned still lifes, switched angles, and made shots.  Then I cleaned up, uploaded the photos onto my laptop, and dinked around on iPhoto with the effects button for a while.
Presto!  Cool, steampunky, vintage-look, "gaslight romance," psuedo-Victorian photos!

I love this one, too!

This one is made into a pocket journal with a wrap-around cover, so half the photo's on the other side.

I call this one the Time Traveler's Notebook.  :)

And there are more, but suddenly blogger's throwing fits about the URLs again.  I hate it when it does that; there's no rhyme or reason to it!  Ugh.
Oh well.
Please drop by Shafer ArtWorks and check out these notebooks to see the rest!


  1. Oh so very steamy and dreamy it all is! Very refreshing, instead of grading papers I'm sure. You deserve a delicious soul break too.

  2. Bookmarked. I can see some of my relatives getting these for presents.