Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh My Heck!!! Could The Utah State Legislature Actually Do Something Logical??!!

Knock me over with a feather!
This makes SO much sense, and teachers have been saying this for years!  Surely, the Legislature won't pass it.  They couldn't!  Why would they actually take measures that would both HELP education and ENCOURAGE birth control?
Nyah, it'll never go through.

Senate panel OKS bill requiring big families to pay more for schools
Legislature » Sponsor estimates measure, which got Senate panel OK, would mean an extra $267 million annually for public schools.
First Published 18 minutes ago • Updated 4 minutes ago
Large Utah families might soon have to pay more of what some say is their fair share toward schools if a bill that gained early approval Monday becomes law.
SB118 would limit families to two state personal income-tax exemptions, which workers can claim for themselves and their dependents. Now, families may get the exemptions for each child — a situation that has left some Utahns complaining over the years that those with the most children end up paying the least into the school system, which is largely funded through income-tax revenue.

PS.  Keep in mind that a "big" family in Utah means one with more than 8 children.  (No joke.  It's not uncommon to find 10 to 12 kids in a family.  One family in my neighborhood has 13.)

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