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Hey, I'm a teacher.  I know that teachers all steal ideas from each other love to share our ideas to help each other out.  This page, therefore, is to let you know what's available to make your life easier if you decide to let my books count for reading credit in your classrooms.
Just leave a comment on this page indicating which of the available teaching items you want, and I'll e-mail a PDF of it to you.  You must, of course, give me your e-mail address, but I won't publish the comment, so you needn't fear spam because of your request. (You must use a school e-mail account so  I know you're a real teacher and not a kid pretending to be a teacher.)

We must begin humbly.  Thus far, all I have ready to go is an AR (Accelerated Reader) style quiz with 10 questions of the most basic sort (like AR) on Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  All questions are basic knowledge/recall.  This quiz is suitable for quick checks to see whether or not the student actually read the book.  Our school uses these for library reading contests.  I'd be happy to send the quiz and the answer key to any teacher.

Added as of 10/1/12: an 11-question, AR-style quiz on All in the Half-Vampire Family.

Added as of 10/13/13: an AR-style quiz on Becoming Brigid.

I'm adding this because there have been a few people who could not seem to figure out how to do this on their own, so I'm going to make it really simple.
1) Leave a comment on this page WITH your e-mail address and what you want to know.
2) Since I have comment moderation, your e-mail address will not be public unless I publish the comment, which I will not do.  Thus, YOUR e-mail address and MY e-mail address are less likely to get spammed.  Win + win = good.
3) If you are legit and not just selling something, then I'll contact you by e-mail.

You can also contact me via Twitter at @lisamshafer.


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