Monday, August 29, 2011

Famous Blog Follower

This is not my first blog; I've had several under pseudonyms for other purposes than writing.  Thus, I'm used to the whole business of attracting and keeping followers.  I know a blog as new as this one (not yet a month old) is not too likely to have dozens of followers right away.  But today I picked up a famous follower: Lisa Rosenberg of  Wow.
Let me put this in perspective for you: She's follower number seven on this blog.  I'm follower number 652 on hers.  She gets hundreds of views a day.  This blog has yet to top 30 views in one day.
And she signed up to follow me before I signed up to follow her (although I've lurked for months on her blog).
Gee, I feel like the cool little freshman who just got smiled at by the student-body president.

The only other blog I follow that has more little faces and avatars lined up as followers on it is Tonya Ricucci's at lazygalquilting, which has 770 followers (as of right now -- it'll have more by tomorrow).  But even if Tonya dropped over here to follow this blog, it wouldn't be quite the same.  After all, I've known Tonya since we were both 12; we were good buddies for years.  But I've never met Lisa Rosenberg except through her blog.
Well, this just brightened up my Monday for sure!


  1. "she signed up to follow me before I signed up to follow her"

    high five!

  2. Wow. Two new followers in one day!

  3. yay! but wait, were we really 12? man, trying to make my brain go back that far. I thought we met at high school. which would be more like 14. eeeek, still ages ago. yah, keep a blog going for over 6 years and you're bound to get a few followers...

  4. Seventh-grade, Ton. But we didn't become really good buds until high school; that's what you're remembering.
    Thanks for dropping by. :)