Sunday, November 10, 2013

Help Me Decide On A Title -- Please?

Oh, for heaven's sakes!
So, I've put together a boxed set of my two Half-Vampire novels for e-book release for Christmas.  Everything's all ready to roll except the cover.
Tonight I chose the background pic variation and went to put the type on it.
And I can't decide on a title.

So, if book one is Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire,

and book two is All in the Half-Vampire Family,

and the background pic for the cover is a variation on that same blood splatter and will use the same font, what do I call the boxed set?

Here are my ideas so far:
1) Half-Vampire: the boxed set
2) The Half-Vampire Boxed Set
3) It's In The Blood: the Half-Vampire boxed set
4) It's a Half-Vampire Thing: boxed set
5) some other less lame title ?????

Please, please, please tell me what you think!  I can't even make the cover until I have a title that doesn't suck.  (Uh, poor choice of words there.  Unless I can use THAT for a title: Life Sucks: the Half-Vampire boxed set.)


  1. I like option #3...but the Life Sucks one got a laugh! I'd be very tempted to go with that.

    1. Well, it IS junior high, you know. ;)
      Thanks for the input.

  2. My favorite is #3, "It's in The Blood." But I also agree with Liz that the "Life Sucks" is hilarious.