Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Bit Dull In The Blogging World Right Now

Yeah, I know; I haven't posted much lately.
Let's see if I can explain why.
We're up to our neck in SAGE testing at school.  For those of you who haven't heard, there's a good deal of controversy over the test and the Common Core all over the nation, and, well, Utah's gone berserk over it.  Plus, I teach in a school district that requires more a LOT more standardized testing than any other in the state.  Bleah.
So, my life has been all about testing this week.  And I pretty much can't talk about it, as the state school board has sent out two threatening e-mails about how teachers will lose their jobs and license if they spread the word about what's on those tests.  So, I can't really blog about SAGE -- except maybe to tell you that the highlight of the week was when one kid got a bloody nose in the middle of testing.  Yeah, that was about the BEST thing that happened.  The rest was worse.
Then, it's spring.  So all the dogs are out.  Noise.  Lots of noise.
But I can't really blog about that, as I've been told not to.
Then, there's a good deal of political stuff going on in Utah.  There's the whole gay marriage bit.  And the Ordain Women movement.
I'd LIKE to blog about those, but I've been warned against doing so.
Oh, and there's been some political stuff going on in our own school and the high school.  There's a lot of good gossip there, but, again, I can't blog about it.
OK, well BOOKS!!  Yes, I can blog about books!
But I've been going through book drought.  I've had a hard time finding decent books to read lately.  I've been re-reading some of my favorites, but reviews of older books do not make for good blog fodder.
This is why I could be up for the Boring Blog Award lately.
However, my Pinterest boards are buzzing right along, and I pick up sometimes a dozen new followers daily.  Take a gander, if you like.  You can find me here.


  1. Wow, that's a lot to not be able to talk about. If you feel like getting out of the house tomorrow and going out to Iosepa, (where there are no dogs, tests, gay marriage or women demanding ordination) give me a buzz in the morning. I'll probably be leaving around 11.

  2. That does sound rather tempting.... I may call.

  3. Is it spring break for you? Here are some random fun thoughts, though they are likely not blog-worthy. There's an eclipse happening right now (1 a.m.) Also, I ran across a fun quote: "If you don't have anything nice to say, use a superlative."

  4. I'm careful about what I mention on the internet, too, so I can't blame you. (And I work in education, though not in Utah, so I have sort of an idea of what's going on. Yeah, best to stick with what you've said... or not said.)

    I'm contemplating joining Pinterest. I'll check yours out.