Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Utah: The Greatest Snow On Earth

I understand that it was the Norwegians who invented skiing, but it was Utah's snow that popularized the sport in the mid-1900s.
My parents started skiing when people hiked up mountain sides and then skied down. They also recall when tow-ropes were a huge improvement.
Skis were long and skinny back then, and ski clothing looked a bit different than it does now.
Here, my uncle and his wife show off their new ski pants, parka, and skis:

And here's what Alta ski resort looked like in 1947.

I'd hate to drive up a snowy canyon on those awful post-war tires!
And let's just say that that track of snow where people had been hiking up the hill to skit down wouldn't be there today.

(I pulled this shot off a yahoo search.)

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  1. Oh goodness, I do enjoy seeing how things were back then. Those cars are fascinating too!