Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Iceland: Reykjavik Harbor

On my first full day in Iceland, the weather cleared up to be gorgeous in the afternoon.  I took a boat tour of the harbor.
Here are a couple of the best photos for you.  (Remember to click on them to enlarge them.)

Here's the harbor itself.  It's not very big, but then, Iceland doesn't even have half a million inhabitants in the entire country.  That dark building in the back is an arts/concert center designed with faceted glass blocks that resemble the basalt pillars so common on the island (also in Northern Ireland and the Hebrides of Scotland, such as on Staffa).  It's a very pretty building.

The Icelandic flag is in the foreground, and Reykjavik (as viewed from the back of a boat) is visible behind.


  1. Lovely place to visit, enjoy your time there, and send us more photos! Please.

  2. What an incredible colour the harbour water is!

    1. That was the real color. I did not edit these photos in any way. :)