Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Too Tired

Yesterday, we were using our new, district-mandated Chromebooks (which are mini-laptops functioning half like a Mac and half like a PC, with a touchpad but no mouse) to take the district-mandated SAGE test, a 9th grade boy clicked the wrong tab at the end of the test and then couldn't find his test score.  He raised his hand, and I came over to help him.
I leaned over the Chromebook and said, "It's easy; just hit the 'back' button here."
I tapped the button with my finger.  Nothing happened.  Frustrated, I tapped three more times.  No results.  Both the boy and his neighbor watched me, saying nothing.
It took a good 15 seconds of tapping before I rolled my eyes in disgust.
"It's not a touchscreen.  Duh," I said -- and used the touchpad to move the cursor to tap the back arrow.
Then the boys laughed.

I suspect I may not be getting enough sleep at night.


  1. One good thing I did find out is that the district is so into these Chromebooks that if you have a problem in your classroom you can get it fixed fast if you say it prevents you from using them. the wi-fi sucked in my classroom, I sent in a work order that mentioned I couldn't use the Chromebooks for testing, and they fixed it within a week. Fastest fix ever! I'm going to try to get my carpet fixed, claiming that I can't get the Chromebook carrier in my room because of the bubbles. Think it'll work?

  2. I didn't have wi fi for weeks. The district guy came out and poked in corners. Finally, our librarian (whom you know) realized that something was unplugged outside. It's fixed now. :P