Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Four Continents Yesterday!

I still don't get all that many visitors yet on this blog, but I sure get a variety.  Last week, the German visitors outnumbered those from the US.  And the Russians are here every day.  (Hello, Russian people!  Do make a comment sometime!  I'd love to hear from you.)
Yesterday, I got four continents represented, with visitors from the US, Russia, Australia, the UK, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  I don't really expect Antarctica, but hey, somewhere in South America ought to be possible.
Still, it's a good day when I can get four continents.  :)


  1. I'm always amused at some of the countries that show up on my stats page. I have a feeling some of the "followers" from them are spammers.

  2. Oh, hey, well, you're probably right. Thanks for bursting my bubble, then. :)

  3. Hey, it still means you're worth spamming.

  4. It's always pretty fun to see all the different countries who have visited your site! =)