Friday, January 20, 2012

Tee -Shirts Are Ordered

Today I placed an order for about $300's worth of tee-shirts to use as promotions for Half-Vampire.
I have what I hope is the final proof copy on my desk right now.  If all is as it should be (yes, I'll be reading the book YET AGAIN this weekend), I'll be announcing the release of my first POD book next week.  Out librarian has informed me he'll buy 20 copies the second I tell him it's available, as he wants it for February's book of the month promotion at school.  I plan to give away tee-shirts as prizes for kids who read (you read the book; you get to enter the drawing for a tee-shirt each month).  I'm also bribing the English teachers at school with free tee-shirts in exchange for book reviews posted all over the place.  But I should still have a few tees left over, so I'll soon be bribing YOU with tee-shirt giveaways!
In the meantime, however, there's still my January free e-book giveaway.  Please enter.