Sunday, January 1, 2012

What's New For The New Year

While CreateSpace was having issues figuring out what they did wrong to chop 95 pages out of my proof for Half-Vampire, I was busy working on Half-Vampire Family and Becoming Brigid.  Yes, I've now actually gotten BOTH of those two manuscripts ready to try at proof stage with CreateSpace -- as soon as I can get together with Max to put the covers together.
I tried to work on it myself, even uploading a trial version of pixelmator for the occasion, but iPhoto won't do what I need it to do, nor will, color splash studio, or image tricks lite.  Pixelmator will, but I'm feeling very pixel-retarded on that app, and, after, 30 minutes, I couldn't even get the size of trial photo to where I wanted it, let alone put on text or fix the colors!  Grrrrr.
So, Max, I am in your hands once again for cover help.  Are you up for it?
And to the rest of the blog readers, I would still love your comments on this back-of-the-book hook for HV Family.  Only Tempppo, Brigid Kemmerer, and Martin have shared their thoughts so far.  What does anyone else think???

Think you’ve got a weird family?

Eric’s mother is clearly in love with Patrick, who just happens to be Eric's first cousin once removed.  And a vampire.  Eric thinks Patrick would be the world’s coolest step-dad, but Mom’s in no mood for matrimony.  Worse than that, her side of the family hasn’t spoken with her in Eric’s entire lifetime -- at least not until Eric and his way-too-attractive cousin Ari both win a piano competition that takes them to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  And into the path of Eric’s biological father, a vampire who’s recently taken to attacking the locals at night.  Eric's creepy dad finds Ari attractive.  Not to mention tasty.
Can an accidental family reunion get any stranger than this?  Eric doesn’t think so.  And neither does the self-proclaimed vampire hunter staying right next door to him in the dorm.

It’s going to be one heck of a summer vacation.

Oh, and what about this hook for Brigid?  Comments on this anyone?  Suggestions?

Pepper Kircy isn't quite sure why she's never managed to attract the attention of a guy before.  It could be because her father's into ghost hunting.  Or that she lives across the street from a mortuary.  Or maybe it's because she wears a "nearly-A" bra.  But she's never even had a date, at least not until she meets Dougal at a fantasy faire.
Dougal's not at all what she's dreamed up for herself; he's too short and probably too old.  But he quotes poetry and compares her to a goddess.  He's tempting.  Tempting enough that Pepper can't seem to get him out of her dreams.  So, in spite of all his weird talk about going through portals and finding the Stone of Odin, Pepper could really like this guy.  If he'd just stop trying to kill her.

And now I'm off to start what I hope is the FINAL proofread for Half-Vampire.  If the cyber gods are willing, that book just might be for sale in POD form in a few days!!


  1. I loved the punchline at the end of Brigid one. My kids are staring at me for laughing out loud.

    One question. If the characrer's called Pepper, why is the book called Brigid? There's no hint in the blurb about it. Who/what is Brigid?

  2. I'm going to preface this by is early and I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough coffee yet to really offer well thought out advice!

    But, the Half Vampire Family bit seems cumbersome. Too much info maybe? I liked the way it ended, but the beginning dumps too much info too soon...just my gut feeling.

    The Brigid bit reads much better for me...more focused. The only thing that gave me pause was the idea Pepper isn't quite sure about why guys don't like her then you list 3 possible reasons...maybe tweak that first sentence a bit.

    Again, just quick first impressions....feel free to toss them in the scrap heap if needed!

    Hope your New Year is off to a fabulous start!

  3. Martin, it's in the title: Becoming Brigid. I didn't make that clear on this post, but -- I hope -- it would be clear to someone looking at the actual book. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Liz, no, that's the kind of thing I need. I'm sure you're right. I need to find a way to say all that in fewer words. It IS about crazy family stuff-- with vampires. I need to work with it to say it better. Thanks.

  4. The only issues I had with your blurbs have already been pointed out. Both of these sound like books I'd go for. (And 'nearly A bra' -- very funny, and it resonates.)

    I've been surrounded by e-book readers this holiday -- I'll let them know about your books.

  5. I completely agree with what's been pointed out! I would also be aware of spacing...I'm sure you put these up as paragraphs with the idea in mind that they're work in progress type things. But a blurb seems to work best when it's spaced well (lots of white space), and maybe leads in with a great question or a catchy phrase (I'm SO agreeing with Mary's love of the 'nearly A bra'...excellent!!) People love little quirky details and teasers. I think these sound fantastic. What I've done for my blurbs is use my queries (from back when I was querying!) or my query formulas, because they seem to work really well for blurbing! Hope this helps some!! Can't wait for your new stuff ;)!

  6. Thanks for the help, Mary and Elizabeth. :)