Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #7

Back in December, I started offering a little game to my blog readers.  I post a photo, add a story title and a single line from the story that goes with it, then ask any who will to give their own versions in the comments.  Here's a link to one that went really well.
During January, I'm trying it again, only this time I'm using the photographic themes chosen by Carmi, a journalist who blogs at Written Inc. 
The theme he's chosen this week is "glow," so I had the challenge of finding a photo I've taken that both fits that theme AND looks like it could inspire a tale for someone.  Here's what I chose:

My story title is: The Yellow Room.
My single line is:  With the only light reflecting off the yellow ceiling in a pseudo-radioactive glow, the room felt enclosed and oppressive to Sandra as she placed her bag on the table.
Give it a try.  Add your title and single line from a story in the comments section.

P.S. Don't forget my January contest for a free e-book!  Click here to read about it.


  1. Title: The Visitor
    First line: Aliens were meant to be treated well and kept in comfort weren't they? Not ignored and left in a grotty motel room.

  2. That’s clever, managing to come up with one which ticks all your boxes.

  3. Okay here goes, staight away! Sure $70.00 for one night with no windows, and a Mr. Coffee (yes!) to finish my novel, but wait, they only stocked sugar!!!!!!

    Even if this is a cold motel room, it does have a warm glow. Nice shot, and I hope your story line continues!

  4. She tossed her backpack on the floor. The yellow walls hurt her eyes, but at least this motel room didn't feature a velvet Elvis hanging above the bed, or a mirror over it for that matter.

    Danny found the little yellow room in the boarding school depressing, he missed his home in The Hamptons, his horse and the nanny he had grown up with.

  6. These are great, people. Keep 'em coming!

  7. Liz, that Elvis thing cracked me up. :)

  8. There's no way I could stay in a yellow room without a TV remote and the set on mute.

  9. Static Electricity Decorating: Rainbow stripes over an orange ruffle bed skirt. If that doesn't make your spirit glow, what would?

    (P.S. I hope this isn't your old bedroom from your high school days!)

  10. Change of Hue
    Sarah had always loved yellow, but after the first four years she started to feel bilious in the mornings.

  11. These are funny!
    Tempppo, no, it's a motel room in Oregon. Fortunately, the lock on the door was broken, and they were forced to put me into a much nicer room -- with windows and soft blue paint. :)

  12. Great photo and what a good idea to use Carmi's theme as a starting off place for your contest