Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mysteries Of Blogging

I'm not new to blogging, even though this is a brand spanking new blog.  I have several other blogs, and I've been doing this for years.  As you long-time blogger users know, the "stats" tab is only about a year old.  And some of the things about the stats still mystify and/or amuse me greatly.
This particular blog, for example, was made public at 6:00 PM Sunday evening, approximately 38 hours ago.  This morning, the stats tab shows my first international views, one from Germany and one from Indonesia.  And one of those people got here from this link.
Okay.  Sure.  Because, uh, the connection of this blog and a Dallas Cowboys website is so, uh, clear and obvious.  Right.
Last spring, one of my older blogs kept getting traffic from a  porn site in Asia.  (No, I didn't click through. The link's URL had words in it that made it clear what type of site it was.)  And last year, my personal blog had months of traffic from a golf website.  (Folks, I don't golf.  And none of my blogs have ever had anything to do with either porn or golf.  Or the Dallas Cowboys.)
So, well, uh, hello to Germany and Indonesia this morning.  I have no idea how you found this blog from a football news link, but, hey, c'mon back often!


  1. Sometimes it amazes me the pages and search words that lead people to my blog. I would really like to know how many regular readers I really have, and there isn't any way to tell from the stats, that's for sure.

  2. Yup. And just today one of my other blogs showed a free porn site from Russia. (Again, the URL pretty much said those words, so I didn't have to click it to find out.)

  3. Oh, another mystery on another blog is that the most-viewed post is a 3-sentence long one that explains why I hadn't posted much that particular week. Go figure.

  4. OMG, it's you! At first I didn't even click through to the profile, because I thought the blog comment might be spam. Then I saw it was a real blog. I started to read... And then I started to put two-and-two together...