Monday, April 29, 2013

Breathless by Brigid Kemmerer

This novella by Kemmerer is part of the Elemental series, which includes the novella Elemental, the novella Fearless, the novel Storm, the novel Spark, and... coming soon... the novel Spirit.  Breathless is an e-novella which comes right after Spark.  The novella will be released on April 30.  That's tomorrow.  Go buy it.

Kemmerer writes really well.  Seriously, I didn't much like the characters in Storm, but I was sucked into the book because it was just that good.  The Merrick brothers seemed so real (for all their paranormalness) that I had to keep reading.
Spark I liked quite a lot.  And I've read both Elemental and Fearless.  So I was very excited to win an author's copy of Spirit from Brigid last week:

I was all set to read it when I learned that Breathless comes before Spirit chronologically.  So I hustled off to Amazon to pre-order a copy, slightly miffed that I'd have to wait until April 30.
Then, just tonight, Brigid tweeted me that Spirit has the novella in the back!!!
Thus, I've just finished Breathless.
Yes, folks, read the review right here BEFORE you can buy the book!
Breathless is my favorite so far.  It is SO not what you expect from a paranormal romance.  And the writing is still perfectly gripping.
I'm not going to tell you any more.  It's two bucks, people.  Go buy it and read it.  Do it now.


  1. Brigid tweeted:
    Brigid Kemmerer ‏@BrigidKemmerer 7m
    @lisamshafer Holy crap that was fast!! Thank you!!

  2. do you have to read them in order? i read one or two already but i dont remember which.

    1. Well, the storyline would be all confused if you read them out of order. (I just finished Spirit yesterday.)