Wednesday, April 3, 2013


So, there's a lot of talk about travel safety lately, and Yahoo! just posted this map of where it's safe and not-so-safe to travel right now.

Okay, so like we didn't know that most of Africa is having issues?  Um, yeah.  That's been the case for my entire life.  And, gee, what a surprise: European travel appears to be safer than Asian travel.  What a shock.
But what's up with Canada?
The last time I checked, Canada still existed and wasn't particularly known for lack of safety -- unless maybe you harass the hockey players.
Are these people suggesting that Canada is so safe that they don't even need to bother to color it in?  Or that no one actually travels to Canada anyway, so why bother?  Dude, Greenland is colored in, for crying out loud.  But Canada gets the same treatment as Antarctica.
Sorry, folks of the Great White North, apparently Yahoo doesn't think you're worth mentioning.

Take off!


  1. That's funny, and perplexing. Makes you wonder if it was intentional, and why, or if they just forgot, and how could you forget Canada. it's not a small, insignificant country.
    Maybe they just have something against moose and, as you mentioned, hockey?

  2. Love it! Some of my Canadian friends, it seems to me, have an aversion to certain tourists -- for instance, the kind of tourists who forget to color in their country. Better to be invisible than to be overrun with ignorant people.