Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Greek Fountain Dance -- Part II, With Video!!

Okay, so there was this post that got your attention, as I described spitting on my fellow teachers.
Then I gave you a photo of the scene.
But this weekend, I found that someone had posted our lovely dance (the first assembly version, anyway -- the one wherein kids run in fear, rather than curling up into fetal positions) onto youtube.  I thought I'd share:

But, we are far from original.
Youtube is filled with other versions of the same dance, most of them quite long, and most of them featuring only men.  Here's one:

And here's another (with younger, less pudgy guys, which makes it less funny, in my humble opinion):

I still think we got the best audience reactions.  No other group has kids screaming and running for the exits.  :D


  1. Holy cow, that is awesome -- we need to do something like that at our school. Breaking for summer this Friday...

  2. Too funny, especially when the person in the middle, in the second spitting round, almost slipped on the water from the first round. I'm not surprised it ended up on YouTube.

  3. I might repost that. Too funny. My son's come in wondering why I'm laughing so much.

  4. I also enjoy how at the very end, you can hear the girl who filmed it saying, "Oh man! That was good!" :D

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