Monday, March 16, 2015

Political Cartoonist Pat Bagley On Teaching In Utah

The fat dude with the whip is new state superintendent of schools, Brad Smith, a freakin' LAWYER with NO EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER, and a known public school hater.  The cartoon refers to this event which Max explained so very well.
(Remember to click the pic if  you wish to enlarge it.)

The only good thing about the Utah state Legislature and the evil Brad Smith this year is that the public is FINALLY beginning to turn in favor of teachers.  I see far more support and far fewer nasty tweets and comments.


  1. Yeah, and it was even the PTA that instigated the rally, not the Teacher's Union. Hopefully you're right and we will start seeing parents demanding more for their kids. 51st in per pupil spending, and 27th in effort (the amount spent per $1,000 of income, we used to be in the top 5 years ago), is embarrassing.

  2. I am so, so sorry. Moving back to Utah (with school-aged kids) does not sound like a good idea right now.