Saturday, February 4, 2012

Best Ever Quote On Polygamy

Polygamy -- or rather, polygyny, but most people misuse the word -- is a sore spot for most Mormon women.  It's often discussed and re-discussed and blogged about.   Just this week I found this superb quote by a blogger who goes by Winterbuzz on feministmormonhousewives:

"...if we find out someday that Warren Jeffs has it right, I’d rather have tawdry talks with Oscar Wilde in hell for all eternity than have sex with Warren Jeffs, even once. I’m good, thank you very much."


  1. Choked on my coffee laughing at that one. Beautiful!

    Word Verification: Surrhor.

  2. I LOVE that quote. And I couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

  3. Never understood polygny. Why is it always the man who has multiple wives and never the woman who has multiple husbands?

    For me, it's about power and greed, nothing else.