Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #11

And we're back again with my 11th version of my writers' game!
Here's how we've been playing lately: Carmi, a journalist with a blog called Written Inc, posts his weekly photo theme for the week.  I then choose one of my photos that I think fits that theme and post it here with a story title and a single line from a story that might have been inspired from the pic.  Then it's your turn.  You create a story title and give a single line from your unwritten story that goes with the picture.  It can be any genre you want, from steampunk to romance, from dystopia to paranormal.  It can even be dystopian steampunk paranormal romance if you really want.
Here's a sample from another week so you can see how it works.
Ready to play?  Here we go.

Carmi's theme this week is "pairs."
Here's my photo (yes, I really did take this shot -- from about 3 feet away.   And, yes, they're real.)

My story title: In The Museum
My single line: But why, she wondered, did the one skull have such perfect dental work?

Okay, your turn!  Come up with a story title and a single line, then post it in the comments section to share.  (Besides, what better way to begin Valentine's Day than with a pair of human skulls?)


  1. Title: Twins
    First line: Life for the twins had never been the same since their ventriloquist died.

  2. The Bet

    "Eeny, meeny, miney mo."

    The spirit whispered in her ear,"Yes, that one will do just fine."

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  4. Title: Never Serious

    They seemed to be laughing at their morbid fate, or maybe it was at the dorky expression on Roscoe's face.

  5. Title: Tale of a Village

    What was your name again? Yor-ick? How do you spell that?

  6. Two heads are better that one. Even if I have lost my bottom set.

  7. I love this one, Lisa. Here goes...

    Lost and Found

    Turns out it wasn't our heads that we lost.