Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Good Few Days To Be A Half-Vampire (Author)

My goodreads giveaway ended yesterday.  (The winner was a 19-year-old girl in Georgia.)  Contrary to the lack of enthusiasm shown by blog visitors about my giveaway here (with 4 people signing up to win so far), a fair amount of enthusiasm was shown on goodreads, as 742 people signed up to win my book.  That's rather cool, I think.  Plus, 153 of those people put the book on their TBR lists.  This gives me hope that I might sell a few books from this.  Perhaps I might hope that, say, 10 of those 153 might buy a copy of the book or e-book. (Perhaps some of them already have; I've sold 9 e-books in the US and 2 in the UK since the contest started.) But, at any rate, 742 people were interested enough in the book to become aware of its existence; that is something.
Yesterday was a good day for book sales for me, too.  I sent out a mass e-mail at school saying I had a couple of copies of the book if anyone wanted to buy one (I thought I might sell two or three copies in a month.), and I was sold out in 15 minutes, leaving 4 teachers disappointed.  (Yeah, I'm ordering more copies this weekend.)  So, before school even started that morning, I had to send out another mass e-mail announcing that the books were gone.  That led the librarian to decide he needed another dozen copies for the library, if the teachers were that interested in reading it.  So, since I found I'd sold four e-books yesterday as well, that means I sold 19 books yesterday.  That's pretty good for an unheard of author who's produced something that is not paranormal romance.
So, it was a good book day for me.  :)


  1. Lisa congrats on you book. where did you get it published. or how did you go about it. I have a manuscript. I just need a publisher. Again congratulations and I would love to win it so I can read it.

  2. Way to go! I mentioned the book in my class, and the kids were curious about how I got into book. I told them it wasn't exactly me, but someone based on me, and they were still curious. I can't wait to start reading it and see how things go from there. (And then actually talk about specifics on my character.)

    1. Yea! Are we still meeting up next weekend to work on my other book covers? I can bring you your copies of the book then.

  3. Things are looking up. I'll remind people about the contest on FB and try and remember for Monday's blog too.