Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo Mysteries: A Writers' Game #12

And here we are again to play Tuesday's writers' game!
Every Monday, Carmi, a journalist and photographer who blogs at Written Inc., has a photo theme.  And every Tuesday, I select one of my photos to match his theme, then I turn it into a game.  (You don't have to be a writer to play; it's very simple.)  I choose a title for a story that I think matches the photo and add a single line from the story, in the very shortest of flash fiction.
Then it's your turn to add your title and your single line in the comments section.  We usually get 5-6 people playing, but everyone's welcome to join in.  Just be creative!
This week, Carmi has chosen the theme of "curves."  Here's what I picked:

Here's my story title: "Elvis Has Just Left The Building"
And my single line: "You mean, you really CAN play these things backwards to see what they say?"  Linda asked.  "I always thought that was just a joke!"

Your turn now.  What kind of story does this 1960s portable record player conjure up in your mind?  Add a title and a single line of your story in the comments section.
Here's last week's game if you want to see how it works (or make a comment there).


  1. It makes me think of a story of some guy walking into a pawn shop with a record of Jerry Lee Lewis' first recording as a kid and playing it on this portable record player.

  2. Title: Struggling Backwards
    First Line: George watched his grandson as he struggled to find a port for his ipod.

  3. Title: "Who, what, where, when."
    My single line: "If you listened really closely, behind the recorded music, you could hear the blood curdling scream."

  4. Title- Automatonophobia

    One single line- The box was alive with a mixture of soft, humming voices purring complacently and an unmistakable whine desperately trying to escape before we destroy it.