Friday, February 17, 2012

A Friday Update On My Little Corner Of The Universe

It's been a week, people.
Monday was normal.  But Tuesday I worked from 7:00 until 8:00 (seriously with barely time to use the restroom: all but 7 minutes of my lunch was taken up with lunch supervision assignments and dealing with confiscating a cellphone; my consultation period was jammed with hall supervision duties and two loooooong parent meetings; we had an academic game right after school; we had it cleaned up by 4:20; and I made a restroom run, crammed the sandwich I didn't have time to eat at lunch down my throat, grabbed by stuff, and made it to the gym for parent-teacher conferences only 5 minutes late at 4:35; and afterward it ended I still had to research the new topic for next week's academic game).  Wednesday I worked from 7:00 to 7:00.  And Thursday I felt like I was leaving school "early" at only 6:45.  I had less than 5 1/2 hours of sleep per night all week.
I feel like death warmed over this morning.
However, things are moving along brightly with Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire.  (Yea!  Happy thoughts.)
I planned to announce a new contest this week, but I just couldn't even find time to make the post, so we'll have a new contest next week.
At Goodreads, as of this typing, 75 people have added my book to their TBR lists and 292 people have signed up for my giveaway.  That's cool.
Meanwhile, over at Amazon, I've had five new reviews (and four of those were 5-star!) posted for the book this week, so that's good.
Sales are okay.  This month, since the release of the paperback, I've sold 4 e-books, 26 paperbacks through Amazon, 3 paperbacks to Frost's Bookstore (an independent bookstore in Salt Lake City), and one just on my own.  I still haven't been paid any royalties yet from either Kindle or Createspace, so that's not very exciting.
Interest at school is very high.  It's extremely gratifying to have the librarian, two library aides, and seven teachers all reading my book at once.  And the kids are going nuts at having to wait until March for the library to release it!  (It's our March book of the month for a contest.)  I keep telling them, of course, that they're welcome to BUY the book, but I don't teach in an area where money is plentiful, so most of them  can't/won't do that.  The kids who are in the school Kindle club, however, are lording it over the others because they've already read the e-book version.  Funny.
So, I'm tired but pleased.  And I'll pull together my thoughts and announce a book and swag giveaway on this blog for next week.
Happy Presidents' Day weekend to all my US readers!  And happy 4-day weekend to all my teacher friends who survived Parent-Teacher Conference week.


  1. Congrats on the successes with your book, hopefully this is just the beginning of the rolling ball. And surviving the week! Mine wasn't as hectic, but I did spend 4 hours today working on the auditorium lighting for the school play. And all we got done was replacing the bulbs that had blown.

  2. Yeah, you gotta bring them down, change the plugs (there were a couple that weren't working) to check those, then change the bulb just to find out it was actually the light itself. Then change the light and hope that one doesn't have a bad bulb.

  3. What an exhausting week. I hope you get to take a little relaxation for the weekend! And -- yay for your successes! I want to read the new Amazon reviews too.

  4. Oh, the life of a teacher. And people reckon you have it easy because of the school holidays.

  5. And you should see the two bags full of papers I brought home to grade!