Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The First And (God Willing) The Last

They both arrived today in separate boxes, even though I ordered them a weekend apart from each other.
On the left is what I most certainly hope is the FINAL proof copy of Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire, as I've gone through waaaaaay more proofs than I ever wanted to see in my lifetime.  On the right is the very first proof copy of All in the Half-Vampire Family.  I can already see some spots where the cover needs work (Max, we'll have to get together again on this one), as it has weird white stripes on the spine (you can sort of see that in the snapshot), and the back cover needs smaller type and a larger margin.  Fortunately, the front looks pretty dang good, I think.
I most certainly hope to be announcing the sale of my POD of the first book within a few days (fingers crossed).  I'll let you know.  Believe me; I'll let you know (as I've been working to get to this point for over 8 years now, and I've been blogging about it here since August).
In the meantime, I will be following my plan for the second book.

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