Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Humor, Courtesy Of My Four-Year-Old Neighbor

Church was rather depressing today, due to the fact that a woman announced her terminal cancer to all of us in public.  Yes, it's sad, and yes, she probably needs the emotional support, and yes, I am sorry to hear this news.  But it was still a downer.
Enter O., my pre-school neighbor, to save the day.
O's mom, J., has her hands full all the time with this little guy.  And today, as she came into the door to the overflow area, her younger baby bundled into her arms, she paused and looked for O.  She went back into the foyer just as he made his entrance through the main door of the chapel, somersaulting in silently and standing up with a flourish to his admiring audience.
It was hilarious.  And exactly what we needed.  :)


  1. Oh man, that would have been hilarious to see. And I can picture it since, if I'm correct, I've met that young man.

  2. How wonderful -- I mean -- the little boy somersaulting is wonderful. On the other hand, how awful for the woman with cancer. I hope she got a little ray of sunshine from O's acrobatics.

  3. No, she didn't see him, as the chapel entrance is in the back.

  4. I've got three kids like that. There are times when I want the ground to open up and swallow me, but most of the time it's just hilarious and I can join in.

    I never know what to say to someone with cancer or a disability.