Monday, September 12, 2011

Half-Vampire Is Back Up For Kindle

After two week of tedious deleting spaces after every single line of text in Half-Vampire, I've finally gotten it to the stage where the only problems seem to be 1) the Table of Contents doesn't link like it's supposed to, 2) the paragraphs don't indent like they're supposed to (although the kindle automatically puts double spaces between paragraphs, so it IS readable), and 3) the cover won't show up with the book (but it does show up as the thumbnail on the site, so that's the main purpose).  The italics show up  in the preview.  Heaven only knows if that's really what it looks like on a kindle or not.
So, it's at a workable state, and I'm putting it back up for sale.  Here's the link.
I've given up trying to set up the prologue for free.  After all, amazon has it set up so that you can both download a free sample and "click to look inside."  That should be plenty to let someone know if they want to fork out 99¢ for it or not.
Now I just have to get things working for the POD version.....
This formatting is even harder than I expected -- and I never thought it would be easy.

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