Friday, September 23, 2011

My First Shelfari Review!

Three of you kindly posted Amazon reviews for Half-Vampire this week, which has pleased me a great deal.  Thanks to all three of you ladies.
And yesterday I also got my first shelfari review posted.  :)
Happy thoughts.

I've been requesting reviews from bloggers who SAY they want to review books and SAY they'll respond in 2 days' time, but only one of the 5 has bothered to respond in any way.  (Yes, Cherie at surroundedbybooks will be posting a review of Half-Vampire and an author interview sometime in late October.)  The others haven't even bothered to reply and indicate that they're too busy or not interested.  I find that a bit rude, actually.  I mean, these are blogs that have whole pages dedicated to their submissions policies and have said they LOVE the sorts of books I write, yet they can't even send a reply in the negative or state on their blogs that their TBR lists are too full right now?  Yeah, that's rude.
(Fortunately for me, Cherie is very pleasant and very up-front about her time and schedule.  I appreciate that very much.)

Anyway, keep those reviews coming, people!  And tell your friends (and their kids) to buy my book!

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