Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Half-Vampire Is In Limbo

While I'm trying to fix the formatting, the Half-Vampire e-book is in limbo and cannot be downloaded.  Sorry to those who've tried (I know of at least 2 people.).
I'm really having a heck of a time with this, but I think I know how to fix it now and I'll be doing some very tedious work tonight on the book.

And hello to the two followers I picked up from Scotland today!  (Okay, so one of you is really an American living in Scotland, but I still think it's funny I picked up two from the bonny wee land across the pond on the same day.)  Welcome aboard.
(David, I actually plan to do a post on you and on CloudWorld very soon.)


  1. Are you using 'tab' to indent paragraphs in your ms document? I know you probably know this, but if you tab, it sometimes throws the paragraph alignment off. You have to set the indent...if you want, I copied an agent's guidelines on how to make your manuscript Kindle perfect (you read my blog, so you know I still had little issues), but I followed her system and my paragraphs are in good shape. If you'd like, my email is on my site and you can totally drop me a line! Best of luck...I KNOW how frustrating it can be!!

  2. Thanks. Actually, no, I haven't used the tab key -- and I still had issues.